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Process analytical technology

Søren Bidstrup

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Peter Lock

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Online process analysis of liquids

​​​Keit provides real-time process analysis of liquids with the IRmadillo process analyzer. The process FTIR spectrometer is built vibration-proof with an in situ probe enabling the instrument to be mounted directly onto, or in-line with, reaction vessels for real-time results.

The IRmadillo is inherently compact, low maintenance, immune to vibration, and certified safe for use in hazardous environments. It is an effective analytical instrument for monitoring and control of liquid-state reactions at the point of production including the analyses of oil, acids, sugars, alcohols, proteins, contaminants, chemicals, biofuels and petroleum products.



  • Confidence to know when your reactions have peaked - not after they have peaked
  • Complete understading of your reactions through simultaneous, multi-component analysis
  • Ease of use with tough, long-term stability
  • Faster production decisions through online, real-time analysis

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Optical density, OD measurement

Measuring the optical density of growing cultures is a common method to quantify various important culture parameters such as cell concentration, biomass production or changes in the cell morphology. Continuous measuring of optical density is the most basic, and powerful, tool for providing optimal yields and controlling reproducibility in many different fermentations.​

SMOD (Smart Measuring Optical Device)

SMOD is a wireless optical density sensor which delivers real time OD600 and temperature data so that suspension cell growth in glass flasks can be monitored without any intervention with risk of contamination.

Some of the advantages of SMOD wireless OD measurement are:

  • Glass flasks with cell culture are not to be opened before harvest
  • No cell culture sampling with OD measurementOptimized cell harvests
  • Optimized cell harvests
  • Real time OD and temperature data wirelessly delivered to PC and smartphones
  • Rechargeable OD sensor - can be used 35 times

And with the simple software management you get:

  • Intuitive experimental set up
  • Real time delivery of OD and temperature data
  • Available on PC and smartphones
  • Secure unalterable data

Learn more about the wireless optical density sensor SMOD here

Application notes

Wireless optical density measurement with SMOD

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BioPAT® Xgas 

​​The BioPAT® Xgas from Sartorius Bioprocess Solutions monitors and controls bioprocesses in real time. It is a combined oxygen-carbon dioxide sensor featuring automatic compensation of humidity and pressure. The range for oxygen is 1 - 50% and for carbon dioxide 0 - 10%, with ±3% accuracy on the reference value and a difference of less than ±0.2% on the reading. The sensor is non-invasive and can be conveniently integrated onto a new Sartorius Stedim bioreactor exhaust system.


The advantages of using BioPAT® Xgas are the following:

  • Parallel and continuous measurement of O2 and CO2 using just one sensor
  • Standardized integration into Sartorius bioreactors for event-based control
  • High accuracy and process reliability ensured by automatic compensation of humidity and pressure
  • Compact design for convenient integration into both small lab bioreactors and process-scale fermenters
  • Status display and calibration buttons directly on the BioPAT® Xgas for easy operation

See more about ​BioPAT® Xgas here

InProcess Instruments

​InProcess Instruments specializes in customized solutions for gas analysis, that can be used for "real-time" optimization and process control as well as to gain a deeper understanding of processes. The equipment is used in a variety of industries, including both the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry as well as within chemical, biochemical and environmental research. 

It is possible to monitor in the range from ppm to 100 % for both complex and varying gas mixtures.

InProcess Instruments gas analyzers provide a robust solution that can be automated and integrated into existing PAT systems. Both hardware and software are always adapted specifically to the desired application.


Learn more about the following applications:

Online process analysis

Quality control

Research and laboratories 

Process engineering 

Environmental protection 

Special applications

Online monitoring of glucose

​BioPAT® Trace is used in laboratories for simultaneous online monitoring of glucose and lactate, e.g. for industrial cultivation of microorganisms or mammalian cells. 

The BioPAT® Trace provides continuous online process analysis regardless of the cultivation type (batch/fed-batch). The BioPAT® Trace can provide online analysis of up to 4 bioreactors simultaneously.

The BioPAT ® Trace has three sampling options available: filtration probe, dialysis probe and bypass block. These options all enable sterile removal from the bioreactor.

Online monitoring of glucose/lactate means:

  • 24/7 monitoring of the process
  • Short response time
  • Control based on measurements ensures a stable glucose level (50mg/l - 2g/l) in the medium
  • Possible to check conditions for optimum cultivation

There are two different sensors. A filter probe, where the sample is taken out and analyzed in the apparatus, and a dialysis probe for direct measurement of the glucose/lactate concentration. The probes are available for 12 mm, 19 mm and 25 mm ports. Both types are of course suitable for sterile sampling.

The analysis functions in the BioPAT® Trace are based on a combination of enzymatic reactions and anode oxidation on which glucose and lactate concentrations can be detected as function of the conductivity.


Datasheet BioPAT® Trace and BioPAT® Multi Trace

Turbidity measurement

BioPAT® Fundalux

The BioPAT® Fundalux is an optical piece of equipment for online turbidity measurement. The probe operates on a transmittance principle using IR light to track total biomass. 

It is a tool to increase microbial fermentation yield by maximizing the use of nutrients, gases and other critical parameters. The system reduces the cost associated with 24-hour sampling and removes inconsistent offline analysis. The BioPAT® Fundalux comes integrated into Sartorius' BioPAT® DCU and automatic data conversion to optical density can be achieved with BioPAT® MFCS.

See the range of probes here

BioPAT® ViaMass

BioPAT® ViaMass is a system from Sartorius Bioprocess Solutions for measuring viable biomass in cell culture, yeast and microbial processes. Unlike known reference methods, this system is completely integrated into single-use bioreactors. It determines the biomass directly, thus reducing the need for manual sampling. Integrated into the bioreactor’s DCU control system, BioPAT® ViaMass permits automatic monitoring and control of viable biomass.

Using BioPAT® ViaMass together with the BioPAT® MFCS family delivers decisive advantages, particularly for developing control strategies.

Thanks to real-time information on viable biomass during fermentation, time-consuming and contamination-prone sampling is now a thing of the past.

The following advantages are obtained:

  • Reduces the need for manual sampling
  • Real-time measurement of and feedback on viable biomass
  • Ensures batch-to-batch consistency
  • Eliminates operator influence that occurs in manual biomass measurements