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Powder handling

Big bag filling and discharging stations

Filling stations

Our range of big bag filling stations includes from simple or advanced units for filling of single big bags to systems for filling of 50-70 big bags per hour. The standard models can be equipped with several options for a complete solution for filling and weighing of big bags. With these systems unstable and badly filled big bags are a thing of the past.

We can offer customer-specified filling stations for all industries - incl. dust-tight pharmaceutical versions in stainless steel.

The filling stations are e.g. used for: Cement, chemicals, coffee, flour, metal powder, pharmaceutical powder, pigment, spices and sugar.

Discharging stations

​We have a wide range of equipment for discharging of big bags. This wide product range makes it possible for us to offer the right solution, whether it involves free-flowing products or products where the big bag is difficult to empty. We have models for all types of big bags, from simple completely open big bags to big bags with discharge spout and liner. Whether you wish the big bag to be mounted with fork-lift truck, crane etc., we have the right solution.

The discharging stations are e.g. used for: Chemicals, coffee, flour, metal powder, pigment, spices and sugar.

Furthermore our product range also includes validated discharging stations for the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical discharging stations are manufactured in accordance with GMP and are customized to meet the individual customers' exact requirements. These are normally made of AISI 316 and typical containment levels are approx. 0.025 mg/m3.

All discharging stations, standard and pharmaceutical, can be delivered with a range of options which e.g. includes liner tensioner, vibration motor, breaker bars, glove box, weight or load cells.

Weigh feeders

​​Acrison’s weigh feeders use the same mechanisms as the volumetric feeders, but are also equipped with a weighing mechanism which operates on the "weight loss" principle based on the patented, digital sensor RDWR (Radiometric Digital Weight Resolver) and a microprocessor controller.

The weight of the product leaving the feeder is registered with an accuracy which is typically higher than ± 1%. 

The advantage of the RDWR sensor is that it can neither be overloaded nor damaged under normal, industrial conditions thanks to the patented AcriLok®. Furthermore the system is insensitive to vibrations, shocks and blows from the surroundings.

The weighing mechanism is calibrated at Acrison's factory and does not require any further adjustment after delivery, unless the equipment is mechanically modified.

See the range of weigh feeders here

Volumetric feeders

The volumetric feeders from Acrison are universally acclaimed for their accuracy, reliability and durability.

To meet the industry's many types of powders and granules Acrison's product portfolio includes five different feeding mechanisms.

Type 101 is suitable for easily manageable materials, type 1015 and 105 are suitable for easily and medium manageable materials, type BDF is suitable for difficult, non-free flowing products and finally type 170 which is a self-discharging, ultra hygienic feeder for e.g. the food industry.

See the range of volumetric feeders here

Dust filtration

Dust filters/collectors

Filtration Group manufactures a range of ​self-cleaning dust filters for filtration/dedusting of fine particles from air and gas flows within almost all industries. With capacities of 30-35,000 m3/h and a filter area of 0.5-540 m2 for the standard filters we have a filter for almost all tasks.

Filtration Group's dust filters are compact, have a low noise level and are easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning is done with Filtration Group's own multijet nozzle system. The dust filters can be delivered both with the traditional cylindrical cartridges and also with conical filter cartridges for improvement of performance and capacity.

Some typical fields of application: Extraction for pneumatic transport, silo ventilation, filters for grinding plants, central extraction systems, working stations, extraction from big bag filling/discharging stations, packaging systems etc. 

Dust filter cartridges

Filtration Group's dust filter cartridges are used for elimination of very fine particles from air and gas. The product range includes both conical cartridges and the traditional cylindrical cartridges as standard. Both types can be delivered in many sizes and materials selected for the specific application.

The conical design does, however, have clear advantages compared to the cylindrical versions:

  • 30% larger surface means better dust sedimentation
  • Even cleaning right to the bottom
  • More compact system
  • Minimizing of the filter surface load due to the reduced inflow velocity
  • Improved cleaning function extends the lifetime of the cartridges

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Vibratory sieves from Russell Finex Ltd.

Aage Christensen has a wide range of vibratory sieves from Russell Finex Ltd.

Produkt control with vibratory sieves

The Russell Compact Sieve® range of vibratory sieves is ideal for check screening of powder. As the motor is located on the side of the vibratory sieve instead of inside the base, the installation height is reduced. Furthermore the direct flow in this vibratory sieve ensures high check screening capacities.

The Compact Sieve® is ideal for installation in most plants, and you can choose between vibratory sieves in the following five sizes: C400, C600, C900, C1200 og C1500. In addition you can get a small 250 mm pilot/laboratory sieve. You can also get vibratory sieves in many different versions, including validated versions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Click here to see interactive video of the Compact Sieve®

Vibratory sieves for grading

Furthermore we offer vibratory sieves of the type Finex Separator™ which are used for grading. It is the most powerful vibratory sieve in the market, and here you can chose between vibratory sieves in the following four sizes: 760 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm and 1500 mm.

The Finex Separator™ vibratory sieve is best suitable as grading sieve with up to five fractions, but it can also be used as a check sieve.

Click here to see a demonstration of the Finex Separator™

​The Eco Separator® is a spring-mounted separator and vibratory sieve for grading, dewatering or check screening. This separator and vibratory sieve is available in the sizes Ø 600 mm, Ø 760 mm, Ø 1200 mm and Ø 1500 mm, and it is a financially favourable standard.

Click here to see a demonstration of the Eco Separator®


Furthermore we offer vibratory sieves of the type Finex Sieve which are available in three different sizes: 550 mm, 900 mm and 1200 mm.

The Finex Sieve is especially suitable for the pharmaceutical industry which often has requirements for hygienic design and FDA-approved materials as well as for design and documentation taking GMP (DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ) into account.

Click here to see a demonstration of the Finex Sieve

We know which vibratory sieve you need

Do you wish to receive further information about or an offer for vibratory sieves, please contact Aage Christensen on telephone +45 36 44 24 44​ or on e-mail

Ultrasonic sieve deblinding equipment

A known phenomenon when screening powders by using a vibratory sieve is blocking/blinding of the mesh. Russell Finex Ltd., the first company in the world to launch the ultrasonic deblinding system for powder sieves, now manufactures the fourth generation of the Vibrasonic® system.

Russell Finex Ltd. is still the only manufacturer of both ultrasonic equipment and vibratory sieves.

Demonstration of a sieve using the Vibrasonic® system

Industrial grinding/milling equipment

Roller mills

​Bauermeister's roller mills are suitable for size reduction of soft, crispy and ductile materials where the goal is to make a product of uniform size and with limited dust.

​See the range of roller mills here

Universal mills

Bauermeister's largest product series of grinding equipment is the grinding mills which are also known as the subtypes turbo mills, hammer mills or pin mills.

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Grinding system for sugar

Bauermeister's UCOM grinding system for sugar is based on the universal mills. The UCOM system is designed for 10 bar pressure in accordance with the EU Directive 94/9. Furthermore the system has a dust-proof, compact design with minimal footprint.

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