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We have nanoproducts for several puposes

Aage Christensen offers different nanoproducts which can be used for different purposes.

Below you can learn more about our products.​


The Oxford Applied Research mini e-beam evaporators are employed to deposit ultra-pure films of materials. The deposition rate is highly controllable, allowing the evaporators to be used for surface science or thin-film applications.  

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Nanocluster sources

​Nanocluster sources can be used to deposit a wide range of clustered materials for applications ranging from research into the fundamental properties of nanoscale structures to e.g. catalysis and highly adherent films. 

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Gas crackers

The TC gas crackers rely on OAR's successful electron beam heating technology and thus allow a very high dissociation efficiency of the molecular gas at low power. Where competing crackers with very hot (~2500oC) tungsten filament at high power (~400W) thermally stress the UHV systems, the direct water cooling of the OAR gas crackers ensures that only the filament and the cracking tube are ever above 30oC, thus allowing extremely clean operation and no contamination.

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