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Homogenizers for R&D/pilot plants​

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Rupture of cells etc.

Homogenizers for cell cultivation laboratories and pilot plants

From Avestin we can offer homogenizers to be used primarily for research​. These cover laboratory machines as well as homogenizers for pilot plants and small productions with capacities up to 1,000 l/h.

Test results obtained with the small laboratory models can be upscaled directly to the small production models.

Options for our homogenizers from Avestin include heat exchangers for temperature control and filters/extruders for liposomes.

Avestin's unique high-pressure homogenizers with adjustable homogenizing pressure from 35-2000 bar are extremely suitable for cell rupture (e.g. E. coli and yeast cells), dispersions, liposomes and various emulsions.

The high-pressure homogenizers from Avestin can be delivered with either air-driven motors, where capacity depends on homogenizing pressure, or with electric motors, where capacity does not depend on homogenizing pressure.

Aseptic homogenizers with 6 zones:

  • Homogenizer with four separate steam sterilizable zones, including product zone
  • Possibility of monitoring inlet and outlet process temperature at each sterilized zone

Homogenizers for food and pharma

From laboratory/pilot machines up to larger production scale

From Bertoli we can offer a range of laboratory/pilot homogenizers primarily for testing and upscaling to larger production units.​


The laboratory homogenizer Atomo is suitable for processing products with a viscosity higher than 20,000 cP, pressure up to 2,000 bar and a capacity of up to 20 l/h. Atomo is a laboratory homogenizer with three pistons which ensures perfect upscaling from laboratory to production.

Atomo can be delivered with one or two homogenizing stages making it possible to connect tanks with high-viscous liquids thanks to the integrated high-pressure pump system.

Data sheet for the Atomo laboratory model


With the laboratory homogenizer Molecola you can obtain an operating pressure of 1,200 bar at 80 l/h. Molecola is suitable for processing small volumes of product, both liquids and high-viscous products, such as samples for laboratory tests. It can be delivered on a frame with supply pump and heat exchanger for heat treatment of the liquids to be treated.

See more about the Molecola laboratory model here


Mago is a homogenizer explicitly developed for processing small batches of product. It is especially suitable for ice cream shops. Mago is designed to take up as little space as possible, it is practical to use as well as easy and simple to install and maintain.

Mago can obtain an operating pressure of 300 bar at 150 l/h and can be delivered with a homogenizing stage.

Data sheet for the Mago model

Membrane extruders

Avestin's LiposoFast extruders are available in two versions:

  • ​LiposoFast-Basic for either 0.25, 0.5 or 1.0 ml
  • LiposoFast LF-50 for samples between 5 and 50 ml


Manual liposome extruders which extrude liposomes through a polycarbonate membrane of defined pore size by means of two small gas-tight syringe. The sample passes through the membrane by pressing the syringes back and forth. The syringes are available in 0.25, 0.5 and 1 ml.

LiposoFast LF-50​

Uses compressed air (up to 41 bar) to force the liposome sample through a polycarbonate membrane of defined pore size and can extrude samples between 5 and 50 ml. This extruder has a stainless steel sample cylinder with a heating jacket for heat-sensitive products. LiposoFast LF-50 is easy to clean and can be autoclaved.

See more information about membrane extruders here

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