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Homogenization for your needs

Homogenization is a mechanical process which crushes molecules in a liquid so that it becomes homogeneous. Dairy products are e.g. made homogeneous with a homogenizer so that the fat does not gather on the surface of your glass of milk while the nutrient content remains unchanged.​

The homogenization principle

The homogenized particles which are very small give homogeneity to the homogenized product. The possibility of the liquid being split is strongly reduced, and the stability of the product is strengthened. The effect of the homogenization is acknowledged through the laws of physics and can be attributed different reasons such as:

  • Immediate acceleration
  • Cavitation
  • The high-speed effect of the product coming out of the valve against the slagringens wall
  • The friction of the particles in suspension due to the very high degree of turbulence
  • Lamination which the product undergoes when passing between the closed surfaces of the valve and its seat

High pressure homogenization is prevalent in connection with the production of food, dairy products, beverages, pharmaceutical products, fine chemicals and biotechnology. We at Aage Christensen are specialists in this field, and we sell some of the best machines on the market.

Choose the right homogenizer

We have equipment for any homogenization need from laboratories, research and development, pilot equipment to small and large productions. Our homogenizers can handle products from dairyworks, farms, pharma and fruit etc. in volumes from samples of few ml up to 70,000 l/h depending on the required pressure. Choose your field of interest and find the homogenizer fitting your purpose.