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Homogenization for your use

Homogenization is a process which makes dairy products homogeneous by means of a homogenizer so that e.g. fat does not concentrate on the surface of a glass of milk while the nutrient content remains the same. We at Aage Christensen are specialists in this field, and we sell the best machines in the market. You can get a general knowledge of our range of homogenizers from Avestin by clicking here. ​

Chosing the right homogenizer

Aage Christensen has machines for all types of homogenization. We have the best machines of the quality brand Avestin ranging from laboratory machines to large production machines with capacities up to 1000 l/h.

Test results obtained with the small laboratory models can be upscaled directly to the large production models.

Options for our homogenizers include heat exchangers for temperature control and filters/extruders for liposomes.

Avestins unique high pressure homogenizers with adjustable homogenizing pressure between 35 - 2000 bar are quite suitable for cell rupture (e.g. E-coli and yeast cells), dispersions, liposomes and different emulsions.

Our homogenizers are delivered with either air-driven motors, where the capacity depends on the homogenizing pressure, or with electric motors, where the capacity does not depend on the homogenizing pressure.


Aseptic Homogenizer with 6 zones

  • Homogenizer with four separate steam sterilizable zones, including product zone
  • Possible to monitor inlet and outlet process temperature at each sterilized zone

Need further help on homogenization?

Depending on the fat content and bulk of your product you must choose the right homogenizer for your homogenization, and we are thus ready with professional guidance to ensure that you get the right product.

Do you need help to choose or are you ready to order? Give us a call on telephone +45 36 44 24 44 or send us an e-mail on info@aagechristensen.dk so we can help you find the homogenizer you need. We look forward to hearing from you.

Membrane extruders

Avestins LiposoFast extruders are available in two versions:

  • ​LiposoFast-Basic for either 0,25, 0,5 or 1,0 ml
  • LiposoFast LF-50 for samples between 5 and 50 ml


Manual liposome extruders which extrude liposomes through a polycarbonate membrane of defined pore size by means of two small gas-tight syringes. The syringes are available in 0,25, 0,5 or 1 ml.

LiposoFast LF-50

Uses compressed air (up to 41 bar) to force the liposome sample through a polycarbonate membrane of defined pore size and can extrude samples between 5 and 50 ml. This extruder has a stainless steel sample cylinder with a heating jacket for heat-sensitive products. LiposoFast LF-50 is easy to clean and can be autoclaved.

See more information about membrane extruders here

Supraton® rotor-stator homogenizers

Supraton homogenizers are dynamic rotor-stator homogenizers with multiple-stage inner homogenization tools which reach a speed of 50 m/s. The Supratons can be used for e.g. homogenization, mixing and dispersion. ​

See demonstration video of the principle and set up

Typical applications include production of juices and sirups, production of bioethanol and biodiesel as well as different chemicals. Furthermore we can deliver homogenizers specially designed for homogenization of polymer modified bitumen and for the production of bitumen emulsions.

Learn more about Supraton homogenizers here

Static mixers for homogenization

Aage Christensen sells products for homogenization from Sulzer Chemtech, the leading supplier of static mixers, mixer heat exchangers and plug flow reactors. More than 25 years of experience has resulted in a unique, technologically tested design as well as economical solutions in combination with competent consulting and technical knowledge.

Static mixers are used for homogenization of media without using movable parts. The technology is not only used for simple mixing of liquids, but also for liquid/gas mixture, heat and mass transformations or in connection with chemical reactions.