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Column internals

Trays for distillation columns

​​Sulzer has a wide range of trays for distillation columns and can thus deliver and guide you to the best solution. Their technologies include the following:

Column internals

VFF is specialized in supplying equipment for columns such as liquid distributors, grids, support plates and gas distributors.

Liquid distributors

​To obtain an effective column it is important to have a good liquid distribution ensuring an even liquid concentration across the column. VFF makes customized solutions which will suit your column perfectly, and they offer liquid distributors made from a wide range of materials such as ceramics (ACIDUR® special stoneware), metal (C-steel, stainless steels, alloys and others), plastic (PE, PP, PVC, C-PVC, PVDF, PTFE and others).

Learn more about the range of liquid distributors here

Grids and support plates

​Customized grids and support plates can be supplied in a wide range of materials such as ceramics (ACIDUR® special stoneware), metal (steel, stainless steels, alloys and others) or synthetic materials (PE, PP, PVC, C-PVC, PVDF, PTFE and others).

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Demisters (droplet separators)

We at Aage Christensen are specialized in supplying equipment for columns such as droplet separators.

The principle behind a droplet separator is that small drops collide with the droplet separator consisting of a wire surface after which they run together in the junctions and return to the container as larger droplets. The separation efficiency, which is affected by the free volume and the specific surface area of the wire mesh, is improved as the flow velocity increases. A too high gas velocity may result in penetration of droplets.

Based on the operating conditions and on the demistor type a precise calculation of all important operating variables such as allowed velocity, pressure drop and separation efficiency is made. ​


  • Flame traps
  • Evaporators - distillation and rectification installations
  • Gas washers for other uses
  • Air and gas washers
  • Sound absorbers
  • Oil separators
  • Foam separation
  • Separation of liquid from liquid (coalescences)
  • Equipment for seawater desalination - sulphuric acid plants

Random packings

VFF is Europe's largest manufacturer of random packings. The company's product range comprises a large selection of random packings in all relevant sizes and materials. VFF offers objective expert advice in connection with customized solutions.

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Structured packings

Sulzer has more than 50 years of experience in development, design and production of structured packings, and they offer solutions for both laboratories and the industry. Sulzer's structured packings are used in a large number of industries from ethanol production to the oil industry.

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Sulzer offers advice in design of columns, but they also have a specially developed software which can be used for free as inspiration when designing your own solution.

Download the software here

Complete process plants

​Sulzer's great knowledge within column design is used for manufacturing complete, customized process plants. Their solutions include a wide range of technologies such as pervaporation, distillation columns, falling film etc., and Sulzer offers process guarantee on their designed solutions.

Sulzer has its own test facility which can be used for feasibility studies, process optimization and upscaling.


Learn more about Sulzer's test facility here

Sulzer's complete solutions can e.g. be used in the following applications:​