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Bioreactors and fermenters

At Aage Christensen you find a wide range of bioreactors and fermenters from ​Sartorius Bioprocess Solutions for lab, pilot- and process-scale applications. The Biostat® and ambr® product series consist of bioreactors for single use as well as autoclavable and in-situ sterilizable systems.

We supply fermenters for all types of applications, so please do not hesitate to contact us​ if you wish to learn more or if you wish to buy. Call us on +45 36 44 24 44 so that we can discuss your needs.

Below you will find an overview of the range of fermenters we offer.

Microbioreactors and fermenters from TAP Biosystems

TAP Biosystems, a leading global provider of automated cell culture systems and fermenters for life science research, development and production, is now part of Sartorius Stedim Biotech.

​ambr® 15 cell culture

​ambr® 15 cell culture is an automated microscale bioreactor system that replicates classic laboratory-scale bioreactors.  

It is an automated workstation offering parallel control of 24 or 48 bioreactor experiments each with a working volume of up to 15 ml. It is designed for easy installation in a standard laminar flow hood allowing aseptic operation. With ambr® 15 it is possible to make effective and scalable experiments compared to the large volumes which are normally necessary in classic bioreactors, and the system has the following advantages:

  • pH, pO2 mixing and temperature can be controlled
  • High efficiency as 24 or 48 reactors can be controlled parallelly
  • Large number of experiments with minimum space requirements
  • Small volumes causing reduced media consumption
  • Helps to create better cell lines faster by automatization of set-up, feeding, bottom addition and sampling

Learn more about​ ambr® 15 cell culture here

​ambr® 15 fermentation

​ambr® 15 fermentation is an automated microscale bioreactor system designed for microbial fermentation. Based on the gold-standard ambr 15 technology, it provides a microscale system for high throughput microbial screening with fed-batch culture capability.

With an ambr® 15 fermentation system productivity is increased by automating experiments, sampling and reagent addition for up to 24 experiments in parallel each with a working volume of 10-15 ml. 

Compared to shaking flasks you here obtain full control of stirring, DO and pH as well as possibility of working with fed-batch.

Learn more about ​ambr® 15 fermentation here

ambr® 250 modular

ambr® 250 modular is a high-performance bioreactor system for parallel microbial or mammalian fermentation in 100-250 ml single-use bioreactors. ambr® 250 modular utilizes the same advanced and innovative bioreactor technology pioneered in the original ambr® 250 high throughput system. The system is modularly built. It comprizes a control module and up to 4 fermentation modules with room for 2 bioreactors per module. ambr® 250 modular can be accessed through the integrated screen on the control module and is configured with intuitive system software.

Learn more about ambr® 250 modular here

ambr® 250 high throughput

ambr® 250 high throughput is an enhanced parallel microbial and cell culture system for 12 or 24 bioreactors. The system uses 100-250 ml single-use vessels and is fully automated.

ambr® 250 dramatically improves productivity, as experiments can be carried out at a fraction of the costs and with higher throughput than traditional bioreactors. The system enables rapid evaluation of a wide range of conditions in a realistic bioreactor environment with full control of all culture conditions.

This provides a high throughput scale-down model to explore a wide range of conditions and strains with excellent scalability to bioreactors and fermenters. Furthermore infrastructure costs are reduced by eliminating the need for cleaning and sterilization facilities.

Learn more about ambr® 250 high throughput here

ambr analysis module (pH) for ambr 15 and ambr 250

The new analysis module can be added on to an existing ambr system and measures at-line pH in order to calibrate the pH sensors.​

The analysis module gives you the following benefits:

  • Continuous pH control and calibration improve better growth conditions
  • Minimal user interaction saves time which can be used for other assignments
  • Small sample volumes (60 µL) allow frequent pH measuring
  • Reduces errors and effects on CO2 outgassing compared to manual and offline sampling

Read more about the ambr analysis module (pH) and see how the analysis module works

A​utoclavable fermenters

From Sartorius Bioprocess Solutions we offer fermenters with autoclavable or single-use culture vessels with a wide range of different working volumes. They are used for cell culture or microbial fermentation as well as for batch and fed-batch processes. It is possible to control temperature, stirrer speed, pH, pO2, level and afoam. Aeration is available in 2 versions, with air/O2 ​for microbial fermentation and air/O2/N2/CO2 for mammalian fermentation. The vessels can also be adapted to individual applications (ring sparger, microsparger, rushton impellers, marine impellers etc.).

The range of autoclavable fermenters and bioreactors includes:

In-situ sterilizable bioreactor systems

From Sartorius Bioprocess Solutions we offer in-situ sterilizable bioreactor systems with working volumes from 2 L to 200 L, suitable for pilot-scale process development and for production. The systems can be used for batch and fed-batch fermentation and perfusion. The integrated pumps control acid, base, level and afoam. In addition, 2 external pumps can be added (e.g for substrate feed). 

Sterilization is fully automatic by pushing a button where both sterilization time and end temperature are defined by the user. Aeration is done with air/O2​ (microbial application) and ​air/O2/CO2/N2​ (mammalian application) via the integrated mass flow controllers. The temperature control is fully automatic using steam and cooling water.

​The range of in-situ bioreactors includes:

Single use bioreactors

From Sartorius Bioprocess Solutions we offer bags which are suitable for working volumes between 0.5 and 2,000 L. Systems allowing working volumes up to 250 L consist of a rocking unit with a bag holder, a control unit and a bag. The bags are installed on the platform which rocks, and this wave motion ensures a constant smooth mixing in the bag while the medium is aerated (air, O2, CO2 and N2). With single use electrodes it is posible to measure and control pH and pO2 during fermentation. The temperature can be adjusted with a heating jacket, or with a cooling coil (option). 


For working volumes from 12.5 -2,000 L we can offer systems with integrated stirrers in the bags and stainless steel holders for holding the bags during cultivation. 


  • Single-use fermenters for mammalian and microbial applications
  • Expansion and differentiation of stem cells
  • Microorganisms for cultivation with low to medium density and low oxygen consumption
  • Transfer of shaking or tissue culture flasks to larger volumes
  • Inoculation reactor in larger scale - both GMP and non-GMP
  • CO2 incubator


  • No sterilization and cleaning
  • Minimal "downtime" between fermentations
  • The same platform can be used for different volumes
  • User friendly touchscreen reducing training to a minimum
  • Upscalable process

The range of single use cultivation bag systems includes:

Process control of our fermenters

​Data acquisition, monitoring and control of fermentation processes.

BioPAT® MFCS/win is a Windows-based SCADA software for control, data acquisition and data processing from fermentation processes used all over the world. With more than 3,000 installations and 25 years of experience the GAMP 4 category system can meet basically all specific wishes and requirements. The system is modularly built, enabling you to choose the features you need:

Recipe Control:

Allows you to program reproducible fermentation processes.

21CFR Part 11:

​Expands the MFCS/win SCADA system to meet FDA's 21CFR Part 11 guidelines.

Terminal Server: Allows connection to MFCS/win server from office or home PC (workstation). 

Remote Alarming: Transfers alarms to mobile phone or e-mail.

The most important feature of the system is of course acquisition of fermentation data for later analysis purposes. If you wish to control fermentations via a computer, this is possible with the recipe module (S88-recipe) with which the whole fermentation process can be preprogrammed.

Courses in BioPAT® MFCS/win

We offer BioPAT​® MFCS/win courses. When these are to be held are determined individually. 

To learn more about our training program click on the link below.

Basic course MFCS/win 3.1 User Training program