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Supply of technical components for the industry ✔ - Consulting engineer ✔ - Service and maintenance of all equipment  

Welcome to Aage Christensen as

We provide consultancy services and deliver high-technology quality products and solutions to the industry. We have a wide range of products and technical solutions from the world's leading and established suppliers of process equipment for mixing, homogenization, grinding, filtration, separation, drying, distillation, crystallization, fermentation and sterilization.


We have more than 80 years of experience in delivering technical components and solutions to the food industry, the chemical industry, pharma and biotech research and production and the building and construction industry. Our product portfolio is continuously adjusted with components and solutions developed to fit the demands and expectations of the industries we serve. 

Mission and values

Our mission is to find and test lasting new technologies and to ensure that our employees are constantly able to provide consultancy services to our customers when it comes to optimum and profitable solutions to the challenges they are facing.

We work according to the following values:

  • We are reliable and keep our agreements
  • We continuously inform our customers about status and changes
  • We are flexible and eager to manage urgent matters

  • We are customer-oriented and appreciate special requirements

In relation to our customers and partners our values are of great importance, as companies need a strong and reliable partner creating added-value for their business.