Radar and sensor equipment, e.g. air and coastal surveillance radars, IFF and C-IED systems.

Autonomous underwater vehicles for the military and civilian sectors, e.g. for MCM applications and for oil and gas industry. Various applications for training and simulation, both naval and land.

ELNO develops and manufactures communication solutions for defence and civil applications. Mainly CVC helmets and headsets for vehicles and infantrymen as well as intercom systems for vehicles. ELNO also has a strong portfolio within helmets for airborne applications, e.g. helicopter and fighter pilot helmets.

ERGO Grips manufactures weapon accessories for a wide variety of handweapons such as riffles and handguns in use in armed forces around the world.

Ammunition of different nature, mortar systems and demilitarization, e.g. small and medium calibre ammunitions.

Hand weapons, weapon systems, ammunition and various ancillaries, e.g. machine guns, rifles, pistols, airborne weapon systems and remote weapon stations.

Hand weapons, weapon systems and various ancillaries, e.g. HMG, GPMG, tri-pods, ring mounts, protected weapon stations.

Ammunition and pyrotechnics of different nature, e.g. 84mm.

Small arms simulation systems covering both marksman training and a wide variety of scenarios. MEGGITT has already provided simulated versions of almost all common weapon types in use with Western armed forces today and is the main supplier to US, UK and other NATO forces today.

Land systems and ammunition, e.g. heavy artillery systems, armoured reconnaissance vehicles and ammunition of different nature.

Handheld chemical detectors for civilian and military customers.

Full range portfolio of optronics and inertial navigation systems, e.g. handheld binoculars, weapon sights and rangefinders as well as integrated systems for army, navy and air force.

Sensors and communication equipment, e.g. radars, sonar systems and vehicle-integrated radios.

Handheld and integrated mine detectors, IED detectors and UXO/bomb locators.

Optronics and observation systems, e.g. handheld binoculars, weapon sights and target acquisition systems.

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